3779 Sexsmith Road, Richmond, BC, V6X 3Z9 
Full service

Established in 1992, the time-honored Peal Castle Café is the ideal place to go for tasty food, attentive service and comfy ambience.

The restaurant mainly serves authentic Taiwanese fare, with plenty of menu item for customers to choose from. Among all the amazing delights, Taiwan Style Hot Pot, Three Cups Chicken and Taiwan Style Stir-fry win the loudest applause. The vibrant texture and vivid flavor make those dishes unbeatable. All-time Taiwanese snack classics like fried nuggets, fried oysters, fried fish cake and Taiwanese sausages are also quite popular.

A wide variety of beverages is another hit at Pearl Castle Café. It offers more than one hundred beverage items, with something for everyone. In addition, each beverage was given an appealing name, such as Treasure Island, Little Lover, Banana Paradise, Sunset Love, and more. What the customers rave most about is the bubble tea. “The tea was perfectly sweet with a nice milk flavor, and the bubbles had a great chew. AWESOME!” writes one online reviewer.

The excellence of Pearl Castle Café has drawn the attention of gastronomes and media. However, as one not willing to rest on his laurels, owner Jimmy Chen is not content with the current achievement. He is planning to add Cantonese cuisine and other cuisines to its lengthy menu, so as to give customers more options. 

Looking for delicious meal served with a big smile? Just head to Pearl Castle Café!